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New Ketogenic Program

We’ve been working hard on creating a nutrition program and it’s been quite a journey!

We are so excited to be including a new lifestyle program that will help you reduce inflammation, improve your cognition, boost energy levels and lose weight!

Dr. Wrinn and I are adamant about only providing a plan and supplements that we truly believe in and so that’s why we’ve been testing products on ourselves for the last few months and we are very excited to share our progress with you!

I originally started a ketogenic diet and taking exogenous ketones to lose the remaining baby weight but the journey involved so much more. One of the first effects I noticed was increased energy. With a one year old who doesn’t always sleep well I tend to be pretty tired most days but I felt more energetic while taking exogenous ketones. My workouts quickly seemed easier and easier and I lost about 15 lbs and about 11 total inches in the first month. My appetite was drastically reduced and now my clothes fit so much better!

On a more personal note I noticed some effects that apply to my unique body. One major effect I noticed was my food reactions went away. I have migrated over the years towards a paleo/ketogenic diet due a number of food sensitivities that were all eliminated by taking out grains (yes even gluten free grains) from my diet. As well, ketogenic diets are supposed to reduce inflammation and I did notice that my endometriosis improved. Some studies have shown that endometriosis is associated with an inflammatory response. I wasn’t expecting to see improvement and so decided to test it by discounting the supplements and I noticed that my endometriosis worsened again the following month. Now it still could have been a fluke and I need to further investigate. However, reduced inflammation is one of the many benefits of a ketogenic diet and I know that when I eat grains and high carb that I am swollen and have a lot of aches and pain that all go away while on a low carb diet.

Benefits to a ketogenic diet:

  • Weight loss, especially abdominal fat.

  • Cancer prevention and treatment. Studies are showing that a ketogenic diet may be a useful tool in cancer treatment

  • Management and preventing diabetes.

  • Reduce inflammation. Inflammation is part of the body’s natural healing mechanism but can be detrimental when chronic or there’s too much inflammation. This can lead to pain and chronic disease

Inflammation is at the root of many diseases, as you can see in the graph below and these are just a sample of the many diseases that are affected by inflammation. This is why we really felt strongly about developing a plan to help our patients help reduce their inflammation.

One of the supplements we were experimenting with was exogenous ketones. We tried a ketogenic diet without supplementation first and then introduced ketones and mct oil and we noticed there were benefits to supplementation.

Benefits to taking exogenous ketones:

Let’s be honest there’s no magic pill out there. If you are strictly looking for weight loss you are still going to need to modify your diet and exercise. However, these supplements will help you on your weight loss journey as well potentially providing these added benefits:

  • Boost your energy. Instead of using those glucose gels that endurance athletes often eat, exogenous ketones work well to provide the body with energy

  • To avoid the “keto flu”. Some people find that when they start a ketogenic diet they have unwanted side effects. These can range from headaches, low energy, fatigue, bloating and irritability. This occurs because their body is used to burning glucose (carbs) for energy and their body is still transitioning into burning ketones instead for energy. Exogenous ketones work well at avoiding those symptoms by supplying it with energy.

  • Increase mental clarity. Ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier easily and act as a fuel for the brain

  • Getting back into ketosis. Let’s face it, life happens and quite frankly you might be pretty miserable sticking to a strict ketogenic diet. Not to mention fruits and vegetables, while they are higher in carbohydrates, provide incredible nutritional benefits. That doesn’t mean we encourage continuing to eat a poor diet and just taking ketones. We just recognize that there are going to be times when you might want to eat more carbs in which case exogenous ketons can help quickly and efficiently switch your body back into fat burning mode.

  • Therapeutic uses. A ketogenic diet is useful in helping patients with various neurodegenerative diseases and therefore taking exogenous ketones might help patients manage their conditions.

Why Perfect Keto?

We reviewed several companies but really loved Perfect Keto!

  • It has the cleanest ingredients of the products we were considering with no fillers or additives

  • They use split salts so that there isn’t any gastric distress

  • It has 11.38 grams of high-quality beta-hydroxybutyrate

  • Made in the USA

  • It was developed by a functional medicine clinician

  • And we were very pleased with both flavors!

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